Flora Mediterranea volume 4

REVUE / Le secrétariat de l'OPTIMA nous annonce la parution du volume 4 de la revue Flora Mediterranea, accessible directement en ligne, comme à l'accoutumé.

REVUE / Le secrétariat de l’OPTIMA nous annonce la parution du volume 4 de la revue Flora Mediterranea, accessible directement en ligne, comme à l’accoutumé.

ISSN 1120-4052 (Print)
ISSN 2240-4538 (Online)

Au sommaire (très riche) de ce numéro :

V.H.Heywood : An overview of in situ conservation of plant species in the Mediterranean.

K. Tojibaev, N. Beshko, O. Turginov & D. Mirzalieva : New records for Fabaceae in the flora of Uzbekistan.

P.P. Ferrer-Galego & E. Laguna : Typification of the Linnaean name Atropa frutescens (Solanaceae) of an endemic western Mediterranean species

A.M. Mannino, V. Vaglica & E. Oddo : Seasonal variation in total phenolic content of Dictyopteris polypodioides (Dictyotaceae) and Cystoseira amentacea (Sargassaceae) from the Sicilian coast.

E. Kozuharova, V. Kochmarov, E. Kachaunova, A. Espíndola, B. Aleksandrov & I. Mincheva : Distribution of Arum (Araceae) in Bulgaria.

G. Domina & A. Danin : Orobanche cohenii (Orobanchaceae) a new species from Israel.

V. Spadaro, F.M. Raimondo & M. Pasqualetti : Molecular and taxonomic characterization of a endophytic fungus isolated from Helleborus bocconei subsp. intermedius (Ranunculaceae).

G. H. Oganezova : On the treatment of Merendera and Bulbocodium (Colchicaceae) as separate genera

D. Puntillo & M. Puntillo : On the presence of Riella notarisii (Riellaceae) in the peninsular Italy

Frenguelli & al. : Climatic change in Mediterranean area and pollen monitoring

N. Kenar : Notes and contributions on the flora of Melendiz Mountains and its surroundings (Niğde, Turkey)

A. Langangen : Charophytes (Charales) from Samos and Ikaria (Greece) collected in 2013 and report on some localities in Skiathos (Greece)

S. Fos & al. : Plant Micro-Reserves in the Valencian Region (E of Spain): are we achieving the expected results? Passive conservation of relevant vascular plant species

V. Hugonnot : Bryophytes of the Gorges de l’Ardèche (Ardèche and Gard, southern France)

F. Verloove & al. : Some potentially weedy Cyperaceae new to Spain

C. S. Christodoulou & al. : Tulipa akamasica (Liliaceae), a new endemic species from Cyprus .

Domina & al. : Names of Italian vascular plants published by Michele Lojacono Pojero

L. Peruzzi & al. : Morphological variation in Astragalus muelleri (Fabaceae) from Balkan and Italian populations

G. Vasquez & al. : New distributive and ecological data on Tuber magnatum (Tuberaceae) in Italy

P. Angelini & al. : Pollen morphology of some species of Amaranthaceae s. lat. common in Italy

G. Kamari, C. Blanché & S. Siljak-Yakovlev (eds.) : Mediterranean chromosome number reports – 24


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