Tasting the Landscape – Torino IFLA 2016 – World Congress in Italy

April 20-22 Torino is waiting for you all.

April 20-22 Torino is waiting for you all.

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A tasty theme is waitng for you in Torino, Italy.
A former industrial city now a green european capital is waiting for you all to discover and taste the landscape of the world. Botanics, Architects, Agronomist and eveyone involved with Landscape is welcome.

4 themes of
> Sharing Landscape
> Connected landscapes
> Layered landscapes
> Inspiring Landscapes

The expression Tasting, according to it’s meaning of savoring, experiencing, trying applied to the landscape, implies an attention given to the sensorial dimension of a place, a consideration of slowness as a value: it urges us to not forget the emotional and perceptive aspects as creative agents for the project. Furthermore, it refers to the experience of discovery, to an inventive attitude that leads to in depth investigating, seeking to understand, to evaluating and re-elaborating images, practices, and signs that can orient the inevitable change of regions and landscapes according to a shared and communal feeling.

Tasting the Landscape intends to emphasize the landscape project as an instrument that produces quality, wellness, resources, the common good, as well as the central role of the landscape professional in the processes of regeneration and reconfiguration of places and regions.

Take a look at the website www.ifla2016.com for more informations.

Alessandra Aires

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